Denmark offers $500,000 reward for European title

Denmark offers $500,000 reward for European title

Published Jun. 6, 2012 7:42 p.m. ET

Denmark's players may have only a tiny chance of winning the European Championship, but a big reward awaits them if they do.

Nicklas Bendtner, Daniel Agger and the rest of the Danish squad will receive a bonus of 3 million kroner each ($504,000) if they lift the trophy in Kiev.

That's a significantly more generous sum than that offered by some of the tournament favorites, including Denmark's Group B rival Germany, whose players have been promised a ?300,000 (less than $400,000) bonus if they end up lifting the trophy.

It's also 10 times more than the 300,000 kroner - not adjusted for inflation - that was paid out to the Danish players who won the European Championship in 1992.


However, the Danish Football Association probably doesn't have to worry about paying out the jackpot this time.

Denmark is widely expected to be eliminated in the group stage, where it also faces Netherlands and Portugal. Bookmakers view the team as one of the least likely to end up as winners, along with Ireland and Greece.

Still, the Danes are guaranteed 802,000 kroner each just for qualifying for the tournament. The amount would nearly double if they reach the quarterfinals and rise to 1.9 million kroner if Denmark makes it to the semifinals.

The amounts were announced by the Danish FA as the team prepares for its opening match against the Netherlands on Saturday.

Asked about the bonus before practice Wednesday, Bendnter said his mind isn't on the money.

''I'm just thinking about playing football and to a good job in the game,'' he said.