Aston Villa boss confirms Keane turned up at Cleverley's house

Aston Villa boss confirms Keane turned up at Cleverley's house

Published Dec. 18, 2014 11:22 a.m. ET

Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert has confirmed his former assistant Roy Keane did turn up at midfielder Tom Cleverley's house this week.

However, the Villa boss insists Cleverley said the incident was blown out of proportion by the media, who reported that the fiery Irishman stood ringing the player's doorbell for 15 minutes seeking an argument.

Keane, who stepped down from his role recently to focus on his position as Republic of Ireland assistant manager, supposedly wanted an angry showdown about recent 'leaks' from the dressing room from his time at the club.

However, Lambert said: "I spoke to Tom this morning really briefly and he assures me that what is being portrayed is certainly not what happened. That was it, really.


"I've probably spoken about Roy more since he's left than when he was here. I think you (should) give the guy a break.

"From the brief chat I had with Tom, it certainly wasn't how it was portrayed. That was what Tom told me this morning.

Various tabloid stories about Keane's spell at Villa Park have emerged in recent weeks.

The Manchester United legend allegedly had a fractured relationship with several senior players, most notably vice captain Gabriel Agbonlahor, due to his domineering personality.

Asked whether Keane had told Lambert he was unhappy about such stories coming out of the club, the manager said: "No. I spoke to Roy. We're good pals, not just in this regard but we're good pals in general and that will always be the same.

"Roy's obviously got his Ireland role to contend with and work on, trying to qualify for Euro 2016. There's no problem on that side. He's my pal.

"I spoke to Tom and the matter is finished."

Villa take on Manchester United in the Barclays Premier League on Saturday.