Arsenal beat Burnley because of a missed offside call for the 2nd time this season

BY Ryan Rosenblatt • January 22, 2017

When Arsenal beat Burnley at Turf Moor early in the season, they did so only because of the help of the assistant referee. Laurent Koscielny was offside when he scored the match-winner and Burnley was rightfully furious.

So when the two sides met again at the Emirates, guess what happened?

Koscielny was offside, the assistant referee didn't raise his flag and Arsenal got themselves a late winner.

This time around, Koscielny didn't score the winner from an offside position, but he did draw a penalty. And yes, the foul that was called was undoubtedly a foul. The Frenchman was kicked in the head. But he did it from an offside position, which should have resulted in the flag going up and offside being called, canceling out the foul for getting kicked in the head (which is a lot easier to say when you're not the one who got kicked in the head).

As always, you can't cherry pick a single decision and say that changed the match, but Burnley have now seen the same man from the same team be offside and create the late game-winner twice in a single season. It will be hard for Burnley to look at that and think anything other than they've been screwed

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