Agent blasts Blackburn boo-boys

Agent blasts Blackburn boo-boys

Published Jan. 10, 2012 1:15 p.m. ET

Anderson, who represents Kean, confirmed he and his family have also been targeted but fervently denied he engineered either the Scot's appointment or the arrival of Venky's as owners.

Over the past few weeks, with Rovers fighting against relegation from the Premier League, Kean and Venky's have been subjected to waves of protests, with fans demanding their removal.

Anderson, however, wonders whether there are darker forces at work given the organised nature of the protests.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, Anderson said: "Are there things going on that we're not aware of?


"Are there groups of people who say they are supporters, but who really don't want Venky's to succeed for whatever reason, and don't want the manager to succeed?

"With normal fans, all you want to do is support your manager and team. What I think the world of football can't understand is where this is coming from. It does seem to be well organised, from people who say they are supporters."

Anderson believes the vitriol that has emanated from the stands is having a detrimental effect on the players, especially the younger, more impressionable group.

"Wouldn't it be wonderful if the supporters really got behind the manager and team?" added Anderson. "Sometimes people forget these are young players, and young players need support when they're coming through.

"To go on the football pitch with fear is the worst thing you can do, and that's probably why some of the best results have been away from home.

"Whether you're a Blackburn fan, or any fan, it's so important to get behind your players.

"The negativity and abuse the players have received doesn't help anybody. Please get behind the boys."