Wilson tender during warm ups vs. Alabama

Wilson tender during warm ups vs. Alabama

Published Sep. 15, 2012 3:38 p.m. ET

Mother Nature must be a Razorback fan because the skies have wept since daybreak with a grim, gray pall falling over Fayetteville before the opening kick. Even the casual fans are realists. The lady at the National Car Rental counter this morning said, "I hope you pull for the Razorbacks, but we know the Tide's going to roll.

Still, every seat is filled and every "Woo Pig" chants continue unabated.

Tyler Wilson dressed and threw a few passes. But it appeared during warm-ups that he would be more of a cheerleader for Brandon Allen than the leader of the offense today. John L. Smith knows better than to put him on the field under these conditions. Certainly Wilson wants to play - it's his job to want it - but the adults are responsible for these kids' safety and it will be a shock to see Wilson take the field this afternoon.

Wilson is part of the coin-toss proceedings. That might be the most action he sees today.