Watch an NFL player get very excited to meet Shawn Michaels

BY Jimmy Traina • February 10, 2015

Talk about role reversal.

Normally, NFL players have to deal with aggressive fans, but in this case, it was New York Giants defensive tackle Jay Bromley who got all giddy when he saw WWE legend Shawn Michaels in an airport.

Michaels, nicknamed "The Heartbreak Kid," was talking to TMZ about Valentine's Day when Bromley spotted him and stood nearby as he spoke.

As soon as Michaels was done with the paparazzi, Bromley quickly went in for the combo shoulder grab/handshake while letting the WWE Hall of Famer know he's a big fan.

Bromley then wasted no time going for the full around-the-shoulder move while getting a photo taken with Michaels despite not even asking.

Michaels, who is from Texas, then asked Bromley to take it easy on Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo next year.

Watch the fun scene unfold below.

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