Urijah Faber appeared in Pharrell video with now-healthy younger sister

BY foxsports • February 18, 2014

Pharrell's "24 Hours of Happy" music video came out in November. Basically, it's 24 hours of people in California dancing to his tune "Happy." Yes, that's right. It's a music video that runs for an entire day.

Apparently, Urijah Faber is in "24 Hours of Happy." Thanks to Middle Easy for pointing this out. Since it's February, we're convinced no one in the world actually watched the entire video, so how could anyone possibly know Faber was in it, right?

Well, it's true. He is. And here's the cool thing: He appears at around 8:38 a.m. with his younger sister, Michaella Tastad. You might remember a little more than two years ago she was in an awful car accident, fell into a coma and needed brain surgery.

Now? She's doing absolutely fine -€“ 100 percent healthy, Faber told FOX Sports last month. Tastad just got engaged and is helping manage a juice bar in Santa Barbara. Back in late 2011, Tastad needed to have 2/3 of her skull removed. The only lasting effect has been some nasty scars.

"Things are going great," Faber said. "We're so happy for her."

Indeed. Happy enough to dance about it.

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