UPDATE: GSP wins bet, Gustafsson forced to wear Canada hockey jersey

UPDATE: GSP wins bet, Gustafsson forced to wear Canada hockey jersey

Published Feb. 22, 2014 3:51 p.m. ET

Georges St-Pierre is still winning, even though he's no longer an active fighter in the UFC.

Alexander Gustafsson was forced to wear a Team Canada hockey jersey this week following a loss by his native Sweden in the Sochi Olympics gold medal game Sunday. He and GSP had a bet going. If Sweden won, St-Pierre would have had to wear the blue and yellow of Gustafsson's country.

Gustafsson posted the photo on Twitter on Wednesday. He meets Jimi Manuwa on March 8 at UFC Fight Night London and a win could earn him another title shot against UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Meanwhile, GSP's thirst for competition will have to be satiated by gambling, because he's taking a leave of absence from the UFC and there's no sign of his return any time soon.




How competitive is George St-Pierre? He lost to Alexander Gustafsson in the EA Sports UFC video game cover vote (rigged?), so now he's issued him another challenge.

Canada meets Sweden in the Olympic hockey gold medal game Sunday. GSP, from Canada, challenged Gustafsson, a Swede, to a bet on Twitter. If Canada wins, "The Mauler" has to wear a Canada jersey. If Sweden wins, St-Pierre will have to be draped in Swedish colors. The game is Sunday.

Gustafsson accepted the challenge and tweeted Saturday a photo of the Swedish duds, talking a little trash to his opponent.

This back and forth begs the question: Is Georges St-Pierre actually tweeting for himself now that he's on sabbatical from the UFC? Maybe GSP really wanted some time off to up his social media game. Looks like it's going well so far.