Ticket drama turns out OK for Packers fans

Ticket drama turns out OK for Packers fans

Published Feb. 10, 2011 5:38 p.m. ET

On Jan. 23, Craig Rossebo felt like he had won the grand prize on "The Price is Right." But two Sundays later, he felt like he had been kicked off the island on "Survivor."

Rossebo, who lives in suburban Minneapolis, grew up in Brown Deer, Wis., and is a die-hard Packers fan. His father Richard has been a Gold Package season-ticket holder for 50 years.

"We'd go to see our two games a year," Rossebo recalled.

Rossebo and his family were in Waupaca celebrating his parents' 50th anniversary on the day of the NFC Championship Game. His mom and dad had been hitched for a half-century. The Packers beat the Bears. The day couldn't have been any better. But then it got better, a lot better.

"Unbeknownst to us, my mom had entered the Super Bowl ticket lottery," Rossebo said. "And then we were watching the NFC Championship Game and while we were celebrating the win, she announced to all of us that she had won the Super Bowl ticket lottery.

"We couldn't believe it when she told us that. We were going crazy about not being able to go to the Super Bowl, but then she told us she had tickets."

Rossebo has three brothers, and there were only two tickets. But two of the brothers had major trips planned for that week. So Craig and his younger brother Alex, who lives in West Bend, Wis., packed their things into Craig's Toyota Camry Hybrid and headed for Dallas.

"We checked into flights