Sports anchor drops names of 20+ Robin Williams movies during report (video)

BY Brett Smiley • August 13, 2014

Following the news on Monday that legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams had died tragically from an apparent suicide, the sports world joined the chorus with tributes and an outpouring of affection for the man who made so many people smile and laugh.

The San Francisco Giants honored Williams, a longtime fan, as did Runner's World (he was also a runner), FOX Sports (noting various sports-related topics in his stand-up routines) and many other outlets. 

On Monday night, sports anchor Zach Klein of WSB-TV in Atlanta offered a spectacular tribute of his own, incorporating titles of more than 20 Robin Williams movies into his report about the Braves, Falcons and more.

Play along at home with Williams' IMDB page. Here it is:

Thumbs up to Klein becuase it's a task much easier said than done.  

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