Robbie Lawler goes full Bieber

Robbie Lawler goes full Bieber

Published Mar. 14, 2014 5:00 p.m. ET

You know who hates giving interviews? Apparently, certified Canadian badass Justin Bieber, as we learned earlier this week when tape of his recent legal deposition came to light.

In a truly infantile performance, Bieber, the defendant in an upcoming lawsuit, had the plaintiff's attorneys shaking in their boots. Or mildly annoyed. Or slightly amused. It's hard to tell which. Either way, it was a pretty entertaining watch for those of us who didn't have to be in the room with the spoiled little man.

You know who else hates, or at least used to hate giving inteviews? Well, just magine the disgruntled man on the other side of the table has one of the most murderous right hook, straight left combos you've ever seen. That changes the dynamic a little, doesn't it? It's something that those of us in the MMA news business have experienced, and it's not exactly a comfortable moment It's nice to see Lawler having a little fun these days.

We wonder if Bieber will see this, and whether he thinks Robbie Lawler is funny. Even if he doesn't, somehow, we doubt he'll object to this particular parody.