Ranking the ACC's top point guards

Ranking the ACC's top point guards

Published Jan. 17, 2012 11:50 a.m. ET

Great point guards are as much a part of the ACC’s glorious basketball history as legendary coaches, trailblazing and championships.

They fall off one’s tongue invoking memories of their wizardry, breathtaking skills and never-say-die leadership. John Lucas, Phil Ford, Mark Price, Kenny Anderson, Bobby Hurley, Chris Corchiani, Jay Williams, Steve Blake, Raymond Felton and Ty Lawson are just some of the ACC’s greatest floor generals.

Time will tell if any of today’s point guards will find their way onto the list. North Carolina’s Kendall Marshall has been quite prolific racking up assists, and given the program he plays for, which has often been regarded as “Point Guard U” — and the amount of attention he receives — gives him a chance at finding his way onto plenty of lists marking the best point guards in ACC history.

But is he the top dog right now? And what criteria matters when making such a determination?

If considering the responsibility of getting teammates the ball in position to score, nobody in the ACC can match Marshall. In fact, he’s probably the best player in the nation at feeding teammates. But point guards aren’t just distributors of the ball. They also need to score, play defense and lead their team, which brings us to our other three candidates as the league’s best: Lorenzo Brown of N.C. State; Durand Scott of Miami; and Virginia Tech’s Erick Green.

The following is a ranking of the league’s top four point guards, beginning from fourth down to the best in the ACC.