Player brands himself a Spartan permanently

Player brands himself a Spartan permanently

Published Jan. 12, 2012 2:48 p.m. ET


Judging from the photo that Michigan State Spartans running back Nick Hill tweeted Tuesday, he enjoys being a Spartan.

So much so, in fact, that he now has a tattoo on his side, running the length of his torso and depicting a Spartan warrior (albeit one that appears to resemble Gerard Butler from the movie "300") with a figure that might make Sparty a little jealous.

The tweet, from Hill’s account @N_Hill2032 said, “Bleed green” and included a photo of the massive homage to his academic institution. Not included in the tweet was whether this project was painful.

Since he got the tattoo, Hill has received some attention, both local and national. Yahoo! Sports ran a story showing Hill’s tattoo, and ABC News ran the story on its nightly news broadcast.

Hill responded on Twitter by saying, “My tattoo was on abc news on tv. That’s crazy. #blessed.” He also posted: “Thanks for the love on the tattoo…the guy did a tremendous job on it."

Hill isn’t alone in thinking his tattoo is pretty awesome. The support on Twitter seems to be nearly universal, at least among Spartans fans who were either retweeting the link, or were simply shouting out their appreciation. And while Hill’s tattoo may be a slightly glorified Spartan, his allegiance cannot be questioned.