Michelle Kwan gets engaged to Clay Pell

Michelle Kwan gets engaged to Clay Pell

Published Sep. 14, 2012 12:45 p.m. ET

Former figure skater Michelle Kwan announced that she is engaged to marry Clay Pell, a member of the White House's national security staff.

"It was a simple decision and it made sense," Kwan, 32, told People magazine.

Wow, that sounds so romantic.

Kwan, 32, won nine U.S. figure-skating championships, five world championships and two Olympic medals before retiring in 2005.

Pell, 30, proposed on Sept. 3 on Block Island off the coast of Rhode Island. The couple first met in April 2011.

"I was nervous about wanting to do it right, but I wasn't nervous about what the answer would be," Pell said. "We had been talking for a while about how we would like to have a family and the idea of getting married and what we wanted to do with our lives -- and public service. So I think we both knew where we were relationship-wise and where we were going."

Pell is the grandson of former Rhode Island senator Clairborne Pell, who started Pell Grants for college.