Media Debate with Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch

Media Debate with Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch

Published Sep. 25, 2013 1:00 a.m. ET

Richard Deitsch is Sports Illustrated's sports media critic.

Despite loving Paul Finebaum with every fiber of his being, he doesn't like me very much.

That's life.

After a few Twitter flare-ups between us, I suggested that Richard come on the Outkick podcast. He declined, requesting a neutral podcast. 


So we decided to have a media debate, presidential candidate style. Our moderator was Amy Goodwin.

And, yes, I almost lost it when Amy announced that I'd won the coin toss to get the first debate question.

You can listen here.

We covered a ton of topics, including the future of sports media, my belief that Ohio State would be the seventh or eighth best team in the SEC, responsibility and ethics in online media, Richard namedropped Rupert Murdoch a ton, Outkick the Coverage's editorial decision-making as it pertains to a potential beheading, would Kate Upton be on the cover of Sports Illustrated if she had small boobs, Journalism with a capital J, and Richard's fondness for sex and the naked human body.  

I hope you guys enjoy it.

You can listen along while pretending to work here. 

Not to be outdone, I also appeared on my buddy Dan Wetzel's Yahoo podcast yesterday.

Basically what I've done this morning is given you nearly two hours of audio to listen to while you pretend to work. 

Who loves you?

This guy.