Matt Flynn more comfortable running offense, says sacks are 'on him'

Matt Flynn more comfortable running offense, says sacks are 'on him'

Published Dec. 11, 2013 2:54 p.m. ET

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- As the Green Bay Packers wait to find out
about Aaron Rodgers' status, Matt Flynn once again begins the week as the
team's starting quarterback. With the current plan being that Flynn gets the
ball Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys -- and Rodgers not speaking with the
media until Thursday, all eyes, cameras and recorders were on Flynn in the
locker room Wednesday.

Here are five question-and-answer highlights with Flynn:

1. Where is your comfort level with this offense now
compared to this point last week?

FLYNN: "I feel really comfortable. I feel more
comfortable after today's practice than I did last Wednesday, just because of
reps and getting to run plays, call plays and throw to the guys. So, you know,
every time I step on the field I feel I get more and more comfortable, more
familiar, and everybody's starting to get in sync a little bit."


2. What can you do to avoid some of the sacks you've been
taking? There have been 12 sacks in the past two games.

FLYNN: "A lot of those sacks were … a lot of that was
on me. I think that will start cleaning up the more comfortable I get with what
we're trying to do offensively and the routes and things like that. I think I
was getting hung up on a couple receivers, and didn't get (through all of my)
progressions, so a lot of that's on me. I've got to do a better job and take a
lot of the fall for that."

3. How often do you speak with Aaron Rodgers about his

FLYNN: "We don't really talk about it. He's probably
sick of talking about it, so you know it's not something ... I know when he's
ready, he's going to let us know and everything like that. So we don't really
talk about it. But I can just see it in his face and everything that he's
definitely itching to get back. You know, I've been saying that, but it's true.
He wants to be out there, and if he's not out there, there's a good reason for

4. How did you feel that you did with the no-huddle offense
against the Falcons?

FLYNN: "Yeah, I like running it. It kind of just
depends on how the game plan is, what the coaches talk about, when they want to
do it and how many times they want to do it. We had success in no-huddle; we
also had success huddling last week. That's something that if we can do both
well, then it's just a little bit more for them to prepare for."

5. Do you feel that the team is prepared to win if Rodgers
doesn't play again this season?

FLYNN: "I think we're confident. I think we all know
that we've got good players, we've got good skill players and we have guys that
can make things happen. I think a really good thing to build on this past week
was how big of a team win it was. It just wasn't like the offense went out
there and won the game or the defense did. Everyone, all phases of the game,
made the plays when they needed to make them. That's something good to build
on. If you ask anyone in this locker room, everyone thinks we can win. Everyone
thinks we can beat anybody in the league. We just have to go out there and
execute and prove it."