Mail-it-in Friday: The power of Brett Favre compels you

Mail-it-in Friday: The power of Brett Favre compels you

Updated Mar. 4, 2020 11:49 p.m. ET

By Sid Saraf, We’re back! Welcome to Volume XII of Mail-it-in Friday. As always, I’m all fired up and ready to get to your emails and we have a batch of good ones this week. We cover the public’s endless fascination with Brett Favre, Troy Polamalu's hair and even a little marching band nostalgia. So, let’s not waste any more time. Remember, if you want your email featured here, send your missives to OK, let’s get to work! HERE WE GO AGAIN Brett Favre is the quarterback who just won’t go away. This time, it’s his agent Bus Cook flapping his gums, saying the ageless wonder could still play today if he wants to. He’s apparently in peak physical condition, bikes 30-50 miles a day, and who knows what else. Of course, that brought a nice-sized response. I guess absence makes the heart grow even fonder. Yeesh. Joanne wrote, I'd love to see him return to the Vikings. Not as a player, but as the new Offensive Coordinator. The current one is less than stellar with his four-play playbook. Daaaaaaaaaamn, Bill Musgrave! Joanne just put you on blast!

Corrine wrote,Being A female I have to say BRETT FAVRE is the best at what he does. He will always be my guy. I have followed him since 1991 Football will never be the same without him and John Madden. What does being female have anything to do with it? You could still say the same thing even if you were a guy, right? It’s not like I’m going to say “you know, being a male, I must say Sex and the City is the best thing HBO has ever produced. However, as a female, I must say that Carrie will always be a douche.” Actually, that makes sense to me in an odd way. I stand corrected. Great email, Corrine! Bill wrote,Really???...sure he's in great shape and his arm is like a Blacksmith's though...what's he gonna do when a 250 pound linebacker is bearing down on his 43 year old "I can't run away body" untouched??? ala the (da) Chicago Bears... Ouch! I believe it was a Bear rookie who finally put us all out of our Favre ego maniacal misery!!! Oh Yaaa!!!Bill Mc Go Bears! Packers Suck! Nope, not a bit of bias in this email. Every Bears fan I’ve ever met has always been fair and balanced (the hallmark of FOX!) when it comes to Brett Favre. Everything looks in order here. Let’s move on. Lou wrote,I have always loved Brett Favre and what really happened with the whole Packer organization we will never know. How certain fans treated him after he left I was ashamed to even say I was a Packer fan. Whatever he does I wish him well and would watch him play no matter what team he was on…and as far as what great condition he is in…I miss seeing him in those Rider commercials always looked fine in those Riders. Ummm … “Rider” commercials?

Darlene wrote,Are you teasing me????? I LOVE BRETT FAVRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Football hasn’t been the same for me since he hasn’t been playing! And I could add another Jersey to my collection! My license plate still says CRAZ4U. Why not; I bet the Vikings would like him back (and other teams would like to have him too!!!)Crazy 4 Brett, Darlene The guy has been out of the league for a few years now and the people who love him still burn with a passion that few will ever experience. I really chose the wrong profession. I should have gone to that clown college. Those people have groupies you wouldn’t believe. Chris wrote, FYI. Riding 30 to 50 miles a day on a road bike takes only about 2 to 3 hours tops. I currently cover 20 miles in an hour and ten to an hour and twenty minutes. I turned 44 this year. However, riding a bike for that amount, and then running 4 to 5 miles seems Kim Jong-Illish. Just sticking up for my cycling friends. I was wondering if the Cycling Lobby would weigh in. Glad to hear from you guys. Jerry wrote,I think that is great to show once again the depths of humanity, it even goes both ways. One more time an athlete (or in this case a retired athlete) spews his mouth off on how much his former team needs his leadership. Can anyone get through to this guy that he is RETIRED? It was a long season having to go through all his fan fare, there is got to be an end to it. There team seems to be doing just fine without him. Listen, I’m not Brett Favre fan. I’m not against him either. I truly have no opinion at this point. But … are you sure that team is doing just fine without him?

Paul wrote, It would be exciting to see Brett come back and play. He probably would be another Peyton Manning and really show his stuff. Or, he could get hit once and break his hip and soil his adult diapers. Off-the-field shape is way different than on-the-field shape. Just sayin.’ Tiffany wrote,Heck yeah, we need a comeback, he is by far better then most of the young quarterback out there today!! With the exception of Wilson, who reminds me a lot of a younger Favre!! You hear that, Brett? Put on some fresh Depends and suit up! Alright, I’ve had enough with the Brett Favre lovefest. I’m getting diabetes over here from all the sweetness. Let’s get on with something else. HAIR-BRAINED SCHEME Steelers star Troy Polamalu turned heads last week when he announced that he would be cutting his signature hair for charity. However, on Wednesday the story took a different turn as it was announced that he wouldn’t be cutting ALL his hair. He’s just getting a little trim. DaKonaBoyz wrote,gotta tell you, this athlete is a disgrace. he should cut his hair for hygiene reasons if nothing more. The Steelers otta fire his filthy ass Hygienic reasons? Filthy ass? Ladies and gentlemen, this man is drinking some serious Haterade. He’s driving around town in his Lincoln NaviHater. He must have played for the Florida Hators. You get the point … Kristi wrote,I love Troy Polamalu- great hair and great sense of humor, amazing football player I gotta agree with you, Kristi. Man, I wish I had hair like that. Actually, no I don’t. I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. Plus, I’d sweat like a beast. Come to think of it, maybe the guy from the previous email has a point. It might be a tad dirty.


But it’s still the best hair in the NFL. Bar none. SPEAKING OF STEELERS NATION We ran a story this week on how five disappointing teams can turn around their fortunes. The Steelers were one of those teams. Of course, that just gave Pittsburgh fans the chance to sound off with their always strong feelings. Kimetha wrote,Steelers please get rid of Hardey our crap bag of Offensive Coord. You can see the animosity among the players. It’s Haley, not Hardey. Haley, Hardey, Haley Hardey. I actually think “Hardey” goes better with “Todd.” That settles it, he’s Todd Hardey from now on. Orlando wrote,I think it is coach Haley that needs to go along with Coach Tomlin, Tomlin hasn’t done anything since he started loosing talent that coach Cower left there.The only reason he won super bowls was because Cower had the team already set. Rooney needs to say goodbye to those coaches if he wants to win. Ben does a lot better when he makes the calls instead of listening to Haley who doesn’t have a clue on how to use Big Ben Haley? Do you mean Todd Hardey? If so, I agree with you. THIS ONE TIME AT BAND CAMP … Our favorite FOX sideline reporter (Sorry, Siragusa) was besieged by a traveling circus of misfits, otherwise known as the Ohio State Marching Band, before last Sunday’s Packers-Bengals game. I think she handled herself like a pro and didn't freak out.

Well, some of you Sousa-loving soupheads had to chime in. Whatever. Betty wrote,She’s a pro???Yet she didn't have the courtesy to get out of the way of the band. She should have known where to be and to be out of their way. Band members are taught to not go around or stop because it throws too much off. The band was the pro and unfazed - kudos to the band! How could Pam have known where to be? She’s out there doing her job and these clowns in the goofy outfits stomp by her like a group of jack-booted thugs. Let me tell you something, this incident is just further proof that marching bands are dumb. There, I said it. Sigh. OK, I should have prefaced that statement by saying I have a complex history with marching bands. I was once part of one back in my younger days. I was first saxophone in the Boys Club of Pasadena marching band when I was 14. Actually, I was originally second saxophone, but the kid who was first moved to Thousand Oaks or something, so I got the job. I was always treated with scorn by the third, fourth and fifth saxophones. They never gave me full credit because they felt I backed into the gig. It was embarrassing! And furthermore, they …. You know what, forget it. I need to stop, because I’m sure all of you are staring at your computers like this:

Steven wrote,Re: OSU band and the announcer. THE BAND had the field. The announcer was interrupting THEIR performance. TV personalities need to learn performance etiquette. Announcer acted entitled and rude. Those music students have a great deal of talent and class. Too bad the same can't be said for the announcer. It was she who was "messing things up"! No, THEY need to learn that nobody wants to see a marching band. I can dot an “I.” Watching some prancing poser high-step his way past the tuba section doesn’t impress me. RANDOM MUSINGSKevin wrote,Just an FYI. Trent Richardson rushed for 950 yds as a rookie, breaking Jim Brown’s rookie rushing record by 8 yards. He did not rush for 1055 yds in 2012. Sid’s mistake of the week!

Ranmanf150 wrote (about Rashad Johnson losing a finger during a game)I had a similar thing happen playing junior football when my finger was instantly caught in the waistband of the running back's pants. Having missed the tackle much like Johnson did the finger was snagged and pulled out of socket. It happened so fast that it was several plays later that I noticed the flopping finger and the waves of pain. Could have easily been torn off completely. I sympathize..., Good lord! I just ate, what are you trying to do?! I sympathize with you, bro. Yikes, that sucks! But like you said, at least your finger is still attached, thank god. I think both us cringed when we saw that story. Craig wrote,What the Skins need to do for RG3 is to get a journeyman QB ala Steve DeBerg and let RG3 mature. Roger Staubach had 4 years in the Navy when the Cowboys got him and he still rode the bench behind Craig Morton until he learned to think pass first and only scramble when he had to. Elway rode the pine behind DeBerg for the same reason. Too many of these scramblers start to run without ever completing their reads. You cannot throw as accurately on the run as you can from a fixed position. It will not hurt for the team to have a low finish for a couple of years. It gives them high draft picks to build a better team. Those high picks are just as important in the 2nd and 3rd and 4th rounds as they are in the first round. PS I am a Giant fan, so I hope the Skins don’t do this. Craig, Watertown, CT You’re a Giants fan and yet, you have a perfect way for the Redskins to get better. You, my friend, have just earned yourself the Golf Clap of the Week Award. Congratulations!

Alright, I think we've done enough damage for this week. Let's say we check back again next Friday, eh? See you next time!