LSU Fan Passes Out in French Quarter Krystal, Gets Teabagged

LSU Fan Passes Out in French Quarter Krystal, Gets Teabagged

Published Jan. 15, 2012 12:00 a.m. ET

Since OKTC initially posted this video on Sunday morning bringing it to the attention of the masses, this story has, as we told you it would, slowly picked up steam. Rather than start new posts with every bit of news, we've elected to update you at the bottom of the article.

Update one: Krystal has responded to OKTC, official statement below.

Update two: Alabama has also issued an official statement. It's included below.

As a general rule, you don't leave your drunk friend alone in the French Quarter.



Because bad things can happen to him.

Especially if he passes out in the French Quarter Krystal on the night Alabama beats LSU 21-0. (If you're reading this and have been to New Orleans, you've probably been in this Krystal before. It has to gross more money than any fast food restaurant in the country. It's also...gross).

At first this poor LSU fan, slumped over on the table in front of the large picture windows, is subject to some mild-mannered teasing.

But then, you guessed it, an Alabama fan decided he needed to teabag the drunk LSU fan.

So, yeah, this video is NSFW. But the testicles don't come until four minutes in to the clip. This thing will probably get pulled off YouTube shortly, because it will go viral in a hurry and it might well spurn a criminal investigation.

Happy Sunday.

And a PSA from OKTC, never, ever, leave a man this drunk behind. Somebody was out drinking with this guy all day and then abandoned him. Get your buddy in a cab and get him back home. Or send one buddy home with him. Because while this is humiliating -- and potentially criminal -- it could have been much worse.

Chances are one of y'all visiting the site knows exactly who this Alabama fan is, you can email or Tweet us his name at the contact button above. Hell, there's probably a good chance this Bama fan has been on OKTC and probably even odds that he's called me gay.


Krystal responded to OKTC's request for comment, issuing this statement:

"We are appalled that this despicable incident would ever occur and something like this has never before happened in our restaurants.  According to the franchisee of this location, Big Easy Enterprises, one of their employees notified the manager as soon as they were aware of the incident taking place in the dining room, at which time they took action and dispersed the crowd." - Albert Waterhouse, company spokesperson

Update two:

The University of Alabama released this statement on Tuesday:

"UA hopes that our fans will act with class and dignity and we are disappointed when they don't. We are aware of the video... and will appropriately deal with any student who might have been involved," the school said.

Meanwhile, the New Orleans Sex Crimes Unit also issued a statement to television station WDSU:

The NOPD Sex Crimes Unit is reviewing the matter, but no victim has come forward to press charges, spokeswoman Remi Braden said. "Should they decide to, we will perform a thorough investigation," Braden noted.