Last game vs. Washington still haunts Romo

Last game vs. Washington still haunts Romo

Published Oct. 25, 2014 12:02 a.m. ET

The Dallas Cowboys are 6-1.

Their quarterback is having a career year.

The team is ready to face their arch rival on national television Monday night.

So what's bothering Tony Romo?


Last season's matchup in Washington, that's what.

The Cowboys might have left FedEx Field last December with a 24-23 win, but it would be the last game Romo would play before undergoing back surgery this offseason.

"I didn't quite know my season was going to be over after I walked off the field," Romo said this week, according to

Romo is entering Monday's game in a much healthier situation, despite taking a routine this year that allows him to miss practice every Wednesday to help strengthen his surgically repaired back.

But despite how much pain he might have been in last December before their last game against Washington, the competitor in Romo just would not keep him off that field.

"As a competitor you kind of feel like, 'I'll worry about it after the game,' and you do everything you can," Romo said. "It felt like the season was on the line at the time so you kind of lay it on the line and you let the chips fall after the game. But definitely wants to feel playing like that every week. That would be a little more difficult."

Romo is playing like a man who's back is perfectly fine ... and his spin move passes to Terrance Williams each of the last two weeks are proof of that.


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