Justin Bieber is training boxing under Floyd Mayweather and he isn't good

BY foxsports • October 22, 2014

Walking out with Floyd Mayweather wasn't enough? Apparently not for Justin Bieber.

The wildly popular (if you're a 12-year-old girl) pop singer is actually training boxing under the tutelage of Mayweather, the top boxer on the planet. Does that make Mayweather's gym in Las Vegas the pound-for-pound most irritating place on the planet?

There is actually video footage of Bieber hitting mitts. The good news is he's better than "The Situation." The bad news? He isn't good at all and he probably thinks he's doing awesome. Bieber's hands are too low, his chin is up in the air and he's throwing nothing but arm punches.

So, please. Let's hope he takes a few amateur fights soon just for the sheer entertainment value of some blue-collar dude from the Midwest knocking him on his butt.

Does his entourage know it can't get jump into the ring when Bieber's face is getting punched?


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