Jon Jones gets his license back for the first time since May 2012 DWI

BY foxsports • December 11, 2013

Traffic poles all over upstate New York and Albuquerque, beware. Jon Jones is back on the road.

The UFC light heavyweight champion got his driver's license reinstated Wednesday after losing it when he drunkenly crashed his Bentley into a pole in Binghamton, N.Y., back in May 2012, according to TMZ Sports. Jones avoided jail time in the DWI case, but got his license suspended and was fined $1,000.

TMZ reports that Jones could have gotten his license returned to him back in January, but he procrastinated and, obviously, has a busy travel schedule. And yeah, being chauffeured around doesn't suck.

Jones celebrated being able to drive again with a very excited video on Instagram. He also posted a video of himself shopping for a new car - a Ford pickup. Need that for an upstate New York winter.

"He's really into pickups," Jones' manager Malki Kawa told TMZ. "He wants a sporty truck. But who knows. He could change his mind and want a Ferrari tomorrow."


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