Jessica Dorrell and Her Fiance Are Headed to South Carolina

Jessica Dorrell and Her Fiance Are Headed to South Carolina

Published Aug. 21, 2012 1:00 a.m. ET

Yesterday I picked South Carolina to be the seventh straight BCS champ from the SEC.

Late last night news broke that South Carolina has hired Josh Morgan, Jessica Dorrell's fiance, as a new assistant coach for men and women's swimming. But there was no sourcing on the online report.

You'll recall Dorrell as Bobby Petrino's mistress, the woman who miraculously escaped all injury in his motorcycle accident. You'll also probably remember OKTC's Zapruder tape like analysis of the incident, which we surmised was the result of an unexpected reach around crotch grab mishap. That or the entire motorcycle accident was a made-up story to cover up a beating delivered by Dorrell's fiance.    

According to the same site,, the duo are still together -- although the June wedding has been postponed.


OKTC placed a call to South Carolina's Steve Fink to make sure that the reported hire was correct and Fink confirmed to OKTC that it was true. 

So welcome to South Carolina Josh Morgan and Jessica Dorrell.  

Per the loving couple are already socializing in their new home:

"According to our sources, Dorrell’s fiance Josh Morgan – the former operations director for Arkansas’ swimming and diving program – has been hired as the new strength and conditioning coach for the University of South Carolina men’s and women’s swimming programs. In fact Morgan and Dorrell were said to have been in Columbia, S.C. last weekend being feted by a group of “very wealthy USC donors.”

Neither Dorrell nor Morgan have publicly commented on the Petrino incident and we last heard from Dorrell in April when she resigned from her Arkansas job and accepted a small buyout.

Somewhere along the way Morgan found it in his heart to stay with Dorrell.

Never let it be said that Bobby Petrino could come between Dorrell and Morgan.

A lesson for all of us: True love conquers all. Even if your fiancee cheated on you with the least charismatic, the least likable, and the least attractive coach in the SEC, Josh Morgan is standing by his woman.

But standing by her still in the SEC?


At least South Carolina and Arkansas's yearly rivalry comes to a close this year. In the meantime, Williams-Brice security might need to monitor the signs pretty closely for that November 10th game against Arkansas.

In the meantime, if Dorrell finds a way to derail my Gamecock national title pick, I'm breaking up for her on Josh Morgan's behalf.