Jags to levy fines for disclosing injury info

Jags to levy fines for disclosing injury info

Published Jul. 27, 2012 6:54 p.m. ET

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) -- The Jacksonville Jaguars want to keep injury information in house. And they're ready to levy a stiff penalty for anyone breaking the rules.

Coach Mike Mularkey has told players that talking publicly about injuries could incur a hefty fine. Cornerback Rashean Mathis, the team's NFLPA representative, said the fine would be nearly $10,000.

Mathis adds that players had no objections to the proposed fines, saying "we're supporting the coach and that's what it's all about." Nonetheless, the NFL Players Association anticipates making a general inquiry into the fines.

Mularkey says the team sent all of its proposed fines to the league for approval, adding that the injury one had been signed off on.

"Yes, absolutely," he said.