Gulfport, Mississippi becomes first town to pass resolution demanding SEC Network

Gulfport, Mississippi becomes first town to pass resolution demanding SEC Network

Published Mar. 21, 2014 1:00 a.m. ET

We are less than five months from the launch of the SEC Network and so far DirecTV, Comcast and Time Warner haven't yet reached an agreement to carry the network. Neither has a cable company called Cable One, which evidently services the south Mississippi market.

Well, politicians have taken note of the looming disaster there. And Gulfport, Mississippi is not taking it any more. 

So the Gulfport city council passed a resolution demanding that Cable One carry the SEC Network.

"Whereas football is akin to religion in the South, Saturday is a holy day of sorts because of college football and Gulfport has its share of rabid fans.


Therefore, Cable One should offer viewers the new SEC network in August, the City Council has decreed."

It passed unanimously. 

Yes, this really happened.  

A ton of Southern politicians read Outkick. 

So how long will it be until they introduce their own resolutions? Can you imagine if Southern state legislatures get involved in passing their own resolutions? Will any southern politician dare to oppose the SEC Network? It's the third rail of sports on cable television.

Here's an even wilder question -- what if a Senator filibustered to gain attention to his state's lack of SEC Network? Would that senator ever be voted out of office? I don't think so.   

In the meantime, let's thank the brave men and women of Gulfport, Mississippi who overcome their fears that their sons would not stop watching the network, to cast a vote for social progress.

"The council unanimously passed Sharp's resolution, though Cara Pucheu did so reluctantly. If Gulfport gets the SEC network, she said, she will never be able to pry her son from the screen for homework or chores. She seemed to be joking. Sort of."

I can't wait for this to become a trend.