Google's most-searched athletes of 2013

BY Jimmy Traina • December 17, 2013

Google has released its list of the top-10 searched athletes for 2013.

This is not exactly a testament to hard work and impressive results. It's bascially a who's who of those who've had brushes with the law (hello, Aaron Hernandez!), suffered major injuries (who can forget Kevin Ware breaking his leg?) or were involved in a controversial story (we're looking at you, Richie Incognito!).

Dating Tiger Woods also helped in getting people to search your name.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the top 10 names:

1.     Aaron Hernandez

2.     Adrian Peterson

3.     Kevin Ware

4.     Jason Collins

5.     Oscar Pistorious

6.     Lamar Odom

7.     Richie Incognito

8.     Ray Lewis

9.     Colin Kaepernick

10.    Lindsey Vonn

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