Friday, Sunday join Saturday on Packers' line

Friday, Sunday join Saturday on Packers' line

Published Jun. 14, 2012 4:52 p.m. ET

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Now that Jeff Saturday is a Packers player after a 13-year, five-Pro Bowl career with the Indianapolis Colts, his new offensive line teammates in Green Bay are having some fun with the veteran center's last name.

During the final day of Packers minicamp Thursday, left guard Evan Dietrich-Smith changed out the last name on his jersey to read "Friday" and right guard Josh Sitton swapped his out to read "Sunday."

Standing next to one another on the sideline, the playful trio seemed more than ready for the weekend.

Sitton, one of the most frequent practical jokers in Green Bay's locker room, came up with the idea. But with the regular starter at left guard, T.J. Lang, missing practice, there were some last-minute adjustments made to include his replacement, Dietrich-Smith.


"I pretty much got the news about five minutes before we went to practice that that was going down," Dietrich-Smith said. "It worked out good. I thought it was pretty funny."

Dietrich-Smith and Sitton removed their regular jerseys for the altered "Friday" and "Sunday" versions just as the team was getting ready for 11-on-11 drills in practice.

"Jeff didn't even notice it until three-quarters of practice was done," Dietrich-Smith said.

With the Packers now getting six weeks off until the start of training camp, Sitton should have plenty of time to come up with new ways of initiating Saturday to the team.

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