FOX Sports Arizona's Top 10 viral videos of 2016

FOX Sports Arizona's Top 10 viral videos of 2016

Published Dec. 30, 2016 3:14 p.m. ET

The 2016 sports year was a trying one for Arizona fans. The D-backs’ preseason optimism crumbled when A.J. Pollock broke his elbow days before the season opened; the Coyotes and Suns are smack dab in the middle of youthful rebuilding projects; the Cardinals crashed and burned during what they hoped would be a Super Bowl season.

But despite all the gloom and doom, the year was not without its moments. We ring out the year with 10 that are worth seeing again, and hope for better things to come in 2017. (Brought to you by AutoNation.) 

November 16: Devin Booker signs autograph after ejection


November 4: Max Domi's 1-punch knockout of Ryan Kesler

July 9: How not to use a food tray

July 6: D-baaaacks pull out all the stops in #VoteLamb campaign

June 20: Nuns just wanna have fun

June 8: Slippery cap lands fan in Hall of Shame

May 4: Fan takes impromptu selfie with Drury

February 15: Schoenfeld finally gets the call

January 28: Phelps joins the Curtain of Distraction

January 3: Hurley goes ballistic against Arizona