Fighter & The Kid Podcast: Which NFL players could be UFC fighters?

Fighter & The Kid Podcast: Which NFL players could be UFC fighters?

Published Dec. 18, 2013 3:31 p.m. ET

Today's guest, NFL Redzone's Scott Hanson talks NFL with the guys. Which NFL stars could fight in the UFC? Of course if you took any of the stars and dropped them into the Octagon, they would be knocked out, right? Well, if you trained them in MMA versus starting them in peewee football, who would be successful? The guys debate and breakdown several stars of the NFL.

The conversation jumps from concussions to Bill Belichick having a personality, Scott regales the guys with anecdotes through the wild world of football plus whether or not Peyton Manning is ugly. Then, divulges a random moment at Syracuse University where he tried to swoop-in on former UFC star Mark "The Smashing Machine" Kerr's girl.

"Big Brown" puts everyone on blast for hating on Georges St-Pierre's retirement by calling it, "the best thing the champ could have done" and gives GSP a "proud" thumbs-up of approval. From there, the guys discuss the welterweight world with "The Kid" claiming Carlos Condit has a future holding the strap for quite awhile. Before switching topics, "Big Brown" lets the world know he wants a 5 rounder with "Bigfoot" (Antonio Silva) in the coming new year.

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