Daily Buzz: A smarter look at the NCAA Tournament

Daily Buzz: A smarter look at the NCAA Tournament

Published Mar. 18, 2014 6:29 p.m. ET

There are several strategies one might use to choose an NCAA Tournament champion from the field of 68. Team colors, mascots, maybe even basketball acumen. You know the drill.

Generally speaking, however, hoops fans aren'€™t filling out their brackets based on which teams boast the most brain power — though if you did, you might be surprised by the results.

Inside Higher Ed did just that Monday, filling out its annual academic tournament to decide who would win the 2014 NCAA tournament if each team'€™s smarts were the secret to success in the field.

The site used each team'€™s Academic Progress Rate to determine the winner of each matchup, with the teams'€™ NCAA's Graduation Success Rate as the tiebreaker, and the Federal Graduation Rate as the secondary tiebreaker, should one become necessary.


And while one might suspect that a team like Harvard or Duke would be a shoe-in under this format, it was actually Kansas and Texas — two teams with a perfect APR — who would compete for this hypothetical national championship, with the Jayhawks eking out a win via the GSR tiebreaker.

Rounding out the Final Four in Inside Higher Ed'€™s tournament were BYU and Memphis, though several other legitimate challengers in the real tournament, including Florida, Villanova and Louisville, reached the APR Elite Eight. You can check out the bracket in its entirety below:

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