Collinsworth's Cowboys Super Bowl formula

Collinsworth's Cowboys Super Bowl formula

Published Jul. 11, 2012 4:58 p.m. ET

Bill Clinton was still in his first term as President the last time the Cowboys made a trip to the Super Bowl. That was just over 197 months ago.

But NBC NFL analyst Cris Collinsworth has the recipe for how the franchise can get back this season.

In a recent blog post on, the three-time Pro Bowl receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals in the 1980s listed five things that must happen for the Cowboys to play in the big game February 3 in New Orleans.

The complete explanation can be read here, but here is a brief synopsis of his points.

1.) The offensive line must improve. 2.) The entire defensive unit must know Rob Ryan’s scheme. 3.) Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr "MUST be Great." 4.) A player must emerge as a pass-rushing compliment to DeMarcus Ware. 5.) There need's to be a "surprise" breakout season from someone, possibly inside linebacker Bruce Carter.

While all five of those pieces to the formula could be met, it’s unlikely. In reality, only two of those five will probably happen. But that could be enough to at least reach the postseason.

If they get there, perhaps Tony Romo will be firing on all cylinders and the Cowboys will be healthy enough to replicate what the Giants and Packers have done the last two seasons by getting hot at the right time.

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