Colin Cowherd says LeBron James is seriously considering coming to Los Angeles

June 6, 2018

Enough is enough.

After shouldering the Cleveland Cavilers to their fourth-straight NBA Finals without missing a single game in his 15th season, LeBron James may finally be calling it quits on the Eastern Conference.

Colin Cowherd says multiple sources around the NBA are telling him James is seriously considering packing up and heading to Los Angeles to pair up with Paul George and reshape the Lakers organization.

"This is a real story. This isn't made up," Cowherd said on The Herd Wednesday.

On Tuesday, James made a comment to media when asked about his meltdown on the bench in Game 1 of the Finals after teammate J.R. Smith lost track of the score and allowed the final seconds of regulation to tick off the clock, forcing overtime, while the Cavs had a timeout remaining.

The Cavs trail the Golden State Warriors 2-0 heading into Game 3 in Cleveland Wednesday at 6:00p.