Broncos scoreboard operator job gets Craigslist treatment after Manning remarks

BY Brett Smiley • October 24, 2014

Somewhere in or around Mile High Stadium, the Broncos' scoreboard operator is braced for impact from a talkin' to by Peyton Manning, if it hasn't happened already.

At the press conference after the Denver Broncos victory over the San Diego Chargers Thursday night, the franchise quarterback voiced his frustration with the operator's decision to play music during a Broncos offensive series and also for showing Phillip Rivers on the sideline on the big screens. "I'm gonna have a little talk with him," Manning said. "I'm not sure what he's doing."

Naturally, the scoreboard operator job appeared on Craigslist, where someone wrote the listing as if Manning himself had penned it (click image to enlarge):

Compensation is only Papa John's pizza, not U.S. dollars, but the gig offers a pretty sweet view of the stadium, too.  

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