Beauty Pageant Contestant Rips Off Crown

Beauty Pageant Contestant Rips Off Crown

Published Feb. 2, 2015 7:29 p.m. ET

My affinity for beauty pageants is well known to any of you who follow me on Twitter or regularly read Outkick. I love them. I gamble on them, I watch every minute, I live for the question and answer session -- I actually think I could be a pretty good beauty pageant coach. So you can imagine how gleeful I was when I checked my mentions this afternoon and Outkick's favorite porn star reader, Courtney Cummings, has seen this video and immediately thought to send it to us. You know you've made it life when Courtney sends this Tweet out to her 325k followers:

"This has @ClayTravisBGID video of the year written all over it." 

And boy was she ever right. 

This is evidently the ending of the Miss Amazonas 2015 competition. The runner up does not take her defeat well. 



How about yellow dress supporting her friend? She rips the crown off the head of the rightful winner and yellow dress is like, "Yeah, good move!" You want yellow dress on that wall, you need yellow dress on that wall. 

I pray that one day something like this happens in America. I would post the video on Outkick and then take my wife on a one month European tour. 

Until then, Miss Amazonas 2015 will have to suffice.