Austin talks Raiders, Kardashian

Austin talks Raiders, Kardashian

Published Jan. 31, 2011 9:56 p.m. ET

By Mike Piellucci

Growing up near Giants territory in New Jersey, you probably couldn't blame Miles Austin if he rooted against the Cowboys.

Turns out that the two-time Pro Bowl receiver didn't have a soft spot for either NFC East, instead casting his football allegiance out West.

"I was a Raiders fans growing up, weirdly, even though I grew up in Jersey," Austin said on the Dan Patrick Show on Thursday. "But I didn't hate the Cowboys. Not at all, no."


After joining the team as an undrafted free agent in 2006, Austin, 26, steadily worked his way up the depth chart en route has become one of the Cowboys most valuable players.
Fortunately for Cowboy fans, he has no intention of leaving Dallas any time soon - even if it meant playing for his childhood team.

"I love Dallas. I guess I wish I would've knew the history and everything in Dallas when I was living in New Jersey, being a Raider fan," Austin said. "Because now that I've grown accustomed to the history, know the guys, met Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith. And the guys still come around.

The Cowboys are the only team that I can ever even imagine rooting for or playing for."

That's quite the telling statement after taking part in one of the most disappointing campaigns in team history in 2010. In Austin's case, it came with even greater media scrutiny than most of his teammates on account of dating model Kim Kardashian through part of the season, a subject he hasn't addressed often since the two split in September.

"I'm not saying I'm not allowed to talk about anything because I guess everybody is allowed to do something or anything," Austin answered cryptically when asked by Patrick if he wasn't aloud to talk about Kardashian.

When pressed by Patrick to decide which is more difficult between being followed by the paparazzi or adjusting to a new head coach, Austin was equally vague, although he did support his new coach Jason Garrett.

"I don't know," he admitted. "Like anything you have to adjust. But I think Jason's doing a great job, so who knows what's easier. Like anything, you got to keep it moving."

Needless to say, Dallas certainly hopes the star receiver won't see the need to move down the road anytime soon