Atlanta Hawks take Twitter shot at Tony Romo

Atlanta Hawks take Twitter shot at Tony Romo

Published Dec. 16, 2013 3:52 a.m. ET

Tony Romo can expect some backlash after the Cowboys gave up a 23-point halftime lead Sunday to the Green Bay Packers.

After all, it was his late interception that sealed the Cowboys fate.

And it's not like this was the first time Romo has crumbled under pressure.

But one unlikely source is taking a shot at the Cowboys' quarterback: The NBA's Atlanta Hawks.


Or at least the person running their twitter did.

After the game Sunday, the official twitter account posted the following tweet.


In case you're wondering, that's a photo of Hawks center Al Horford. He has already sank two buzzer-beaters in the short season including one against the Mavs and one in overtime against the Wizards.

Now that the NBA is taking jabs at him, we have to ask, at what point do we start to feel bad for Tony Romo?