ASU going back to Camp Tontozona?

ASU going back to Camp Tontozona?

Published Jan. 13, 2012 4:30 p.m. ET

Is Camp Tontozona back in the picture for the Arizona State football
team? No official announcement has been made despite multiple media
reports that it is a fait accompli, but new coach Todd Graham sounds
like a fan of the idea.

“We’ve got to go take a look and see
what’s possible,” he said Friday. “The former players talked to me about
it. It’s a tradition, and I’m a traditionalist. I have great respect
for this game and tradition and our former players. If it’s important to
our former players, I think it’s important.”

Graham said if the
Sun Devils go to Camp T for training camp this summer -- a tradition that ended in 2008 after the completion of the indoor Verde Dickey Dome on campus -- it won’t likely
be for the short time previously reported.

“It could be a week or longer,” he said. “I’m not a fan of going up there for just a couple days.

we haven’t made an official announcement we’re going, but when I was at
Tulsa we took them down to Fort Gibson and the old Army barracks down
there. I like that kind of deal, getting them away. It might be a good
idea in the first year to connect and build those relationships.”

issues that helped derail the Tontozona tradition included rustic
facilities, lack of cell-phone coverage for recruiting calls and rampant
rain that washed out too many practices, costing the team valuable

When apprised of those hurdles, Graham smiled and donned his best Dallas drawl.

“A little rain never hurt nobody,” he said.