#8CrazyTweets: Brian Vickers talks golf, Victory Lane lobsters and more with FOX Sports

BY foxsports • March 19, 2014

He's an avid reader, a sky diver and this weekend he'll be driving the No. 55 TreatMyClot.com Toyota Camry for Michael Waltrip Racing.

Brian Vickers recently sat down with FOX Sports for a round of #8CrazyTweets. He talks golf, lobsters, wedding crashing, blood awareness and more.

Question #1: You've traveled all around the world. What's your favorite place?

Question #2: What did you do with the lobster from your 2013 win in New Hampshire?

Question #3: What's the best round you've ever shot in golf and what's your favorite course to play?

Question #4: One of your favorite movies is 'Wedding Crashers'. What's one wedding you wish you would have crashed?

Question #5: In 140 characters or less, tell people where they can find out more about blood clot awareness. 

Question #6: In Las Vegas, you called the new qualifying format 'dangerous'. What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done. 

Question #7: You're a professional driver who only owns a bike. Obvious question, what's your favorite kayaking spot?

Question #8: Many in NASCAR are based in the Carolinas. What made you want to live in Miami?

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