Tyler Seguin compares horrific Achilles injury to something out of 'Hostel'

Published Mar. 21, 2016 6:30 p.m. ET

How do you take Tyler Seguin's awful, horrific, terrifying bloody Achilles injury and make it even worse?

Just ask Seguin to describe what went through his head as he reached down and felt the blood on his hand! On reporter thought that was a good idea, and we thank him or her for asking the question. But Seguin didn't hesitate to liken his grotesque wound to something out of a horror movie -- specifically, the "Hostel" series (via The Dallas Morning News):

Seguin said he reached down in his skate and felt blood and said his first instinct was to remember a scene from the horror movie Hostel, where a person had his Achilles tendon cut.

"I knew what happened right away," he said. "Once I saw the blood on my hand, I got a little worried. When I got off the ice and got my skate off, then I got pretty worried. I've seen a lot of horror movies with Achilles tendons, so my mind was racing."

That's quite the comparison, Mr. Seguin. We're not sure anyone other than Eli Roth has considered the "Hostel" films in the past five years or so, but it's a fitting comparison. 

Seguin had surgery on the partially torn Achilles earlier this week and is expected to miss the rest of the regular season.

To this point, we've been trying to do you a favor, dear reader, by not showing you the full injury without warning. Here's where that line of thinking ends, however.

If you don't want to see Seguin's injury, stop scrolling.

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