Tweet tweet: Kurt's lost it

October 6, 2010

From former NFL'er and current Dancing With The Stars contestant Kurt Warner (@Kurt13Warner): Just ran thru square in LA acting out "Singing in the Rain", did my best Gene Kelly -- must not have been so good, everyone stared! Luv it!

Oh Kurt. We are officially worried about you. Seriously.

From Texas Rangers' minor leaguer Michael Schlact (@Michael_Schlact):  I'm not an athlete. I'm a pitcher.

Finally! We were suspect of baseball players being called athletes as well. After all, if you can chew tobacco and eat sunflower seeds while supposedly playing a sport, it's iffy.


From Carolina Panthers' Jimmy Clausen (@JimmyClausen): Not Getting the ND game in New Orleans...not happy about it at all but will some one give me play by play?

If Jimmy is trying to improve his college days' image of being a spoiled brat, asking a follower to give him play-by-play of a football game won’t help. And where is the magic word, "please?"

From Minnesota Vikings' Bryant McKinnie (@BryantMckinnie): 2day was longer then expected, but it was productive so that's what counts.

We checked out the phenomenon of the day being longer than expected and found this: a day lasts 24 hours. Exactly. No exceptions.

From Baltimore Ravens' Michael Oher (@MichaelOher74) to Baltimore Ravens' Le'Ron McClain (@LeRon McClain33): you forgot to give me my keys bro.

Has twitter now completely replaced the cell phone as a means of communication?

From Michael Schlact (@Michael_Schlact): Should I be embarrassed that I watch Glee? Granted, it's with my wife. Still a pretty funny show though.

Watching Glee with your wife should qualify you for some extra "perks" from her. If you don't get "some," then yes, be embarrassed. Totally embarrassed.

From golfer Kyle Walters (@KyleWaltersGolf): This place is so disgusting...and i have pretty low expectations when it comes to walmart (@ Walmart Supercenter)

Uh oh. Looks like Kyle saw firsthand why there's a website devoted to mocking their customers.

From Sacramento Mountain Lions' Sonny Shackelford (@Sonny_Shack): Wow first home cooked meal i've had in like 2 months that (bleep) was great

Interesting, our cookbooks doesn;t have a recipe for (bleep).

From former NFL'er Thurman Thomas (@thurmanthomas): Some of u people are straight up IDIOTS, by talking about Mr. Wilson. Your not a fan, your an A-Hole, yeah I said it... Get Lost..

It could've been worse, he could've called you "a moran."

From Atlanta Falcons' Sean Weatherspoon (@SeanWSpoon56): Finishing up my treatment and getting ready to head to Cumming GA to do a camp for special kids with the rest of the Rooks! Love giving back

It's tweets like these that warm the cockles of our hearts. Thank you, Sean.

From Green Bay Packers' Jermichael Finley (@JermichaelF88): Abt to head to get the truck tinted cant ride like im in a fish bowl another day..

What a grand idea! A tricked-out truck with tinted windows shouldn't attract any attention in Green Bay, Wis.

From Cincinnati Bearcats' Vidal Hazelton (@Vidal_Hazelton7): Got my Internet workin again now i can have something to do in class if i get bored...

Ever wonder what Ferris Bueller would have done differently on his day off if he had all this technology available?

From South Carolina Gamecocks' Lanning Spencer (@LanningSpencer): You can look up at the stars but still not see the light.

Since you can only see stars when it's dark, how can there be light?

From Notre Dame Fighting Irish's Dayne Crist (@dcrist10):  Excited for this week/weekend...can't wait to get back in notre dame stadium

Translation: We actually have a shot at winning two games in a row against some really suspect teams.

From Atlanta Falcons' Brent Grimes (@BGrimes20): Shout out 2 everybody that congratulated me on my son being born. It's the greatest feeling in the world. Sorry,got a lil sentimental lol

And let us also add our congratulations!

From Notre Dame Fighting Irish's Mike Golic (@MGolicJR57): Just saw some girl get absolutely plowed over by a guy on a bike...may be the funniest thing I've seen all year!!! Prayers have been answered

Raise your hand if you think Mike Golic has been dumped by a girl recently.

From Green Bay Packers' Ryan Grant (@RyanGrant25): What time is it in Thailand right now? Anyone know?

Ryan has mastered tweeting, but apparently doesn't know how to use google. Interesting.

From Ryder Cup's Team USA golfers Stewart Cink (@stewartcink), Bubba Watson (@Bubbawatson) and Zach Johnson (@ZachJohnsonPGA):

Cink: We're back on US soil, and I'm back on Twitter! Hello again!

Watson: We are back in USA!!!!

Johnson: Back home in the best country of all...the USA! Thanks to all for your support. Fought hard, but Euro played a lil better...2012 can't wait!

After enduring a tortuous twitter ban while playing in the Ryder Cup, the golfers are back on US soil. Props for playing well and representing America. Now tweet to your heart's content.

From Tennessee Titans' Robert Johnson (@RobertJohnson25), two tweets:

it's ok to be fancy just not coincended [conceited?]fancy

You aint got the pink sugar only great value sugar

Here's the scary part -- Robert knows his sugar. The pink sugar is the C&H Sugar and the great value sugar is a generic brand. But is it really "conceited fancy" to pay $1.75 for a pound of sugar versus paying $1.35?