Skip Bayless explains why he's picking the underdog Packers over the Falcons

BY Andrew Lynch • January 20, 2017

Skip Bayless has seen enough — especially after last week's epic Divisional Round matchup between his Cowboys and Aaron Rodgers' Packers.

Oddsmakers and so-called experts might be siding with the Falcons in Sunday's NFC Championship game (Sunday, coverage begins at 1 PM ET, FOX and FOX Sports GO), but Skip knows better. As he pointed out on Friday's episode of Undisputed on FS1, Green Bay went into JerryWorld and beat Skip's choice to win Super Bowl LI — so why would he pick anyone other than the Packers to win this weekend?

SKIP: So now it's Aaron bleepin' Rodgers, and now, I'm going to speak straight with my head. This is my rule of thumb, and I've been doing this for a long time: if one team comes in and eliminates my Super Bowl pick, I am then going to stay with that team. I'm going to pick that team the next week, because if you can come into JerryWorld as a four-and-a-half to five-point underdog — Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay — and you can knock out my Cowboys, albeit with a 56- and 51-yard field goal, you did it!

I can't wipe away the scoreboard. The scoreboard stands, Green Bay 34-31. So why shouldn't I then say, well surely Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers can go in as a five-point underdog once again to Atlanta? I personally don't think Atlanta's team is better than Dallas' team. ... So I've got conviction on this one. I'm going with the five-point underdog, Aaron Rodgers. 

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