Schein 9: More than Brees, Saints build winning D

BY foxsports • October 7, 2009

A horrible day for the refs in New England.

The Saints, Giants, Colts, Broncos and Vikings remain perfect.

While the Titans still can't win and the Redskins still can't win right.

We analyze another wild week in the NFL with our weekly SCHEINERS while going big picture.

1. Foaming at the mouth

I received the e-mails. I got your Twitter messages. Our readers questioned my sanity after I penned a piece on the Saints defense being legit in August here on You thought I was nuts.

Two words for you, cowboy: Gregg Williams.

When Sean Payton fired his defensive coordinator, he was in search of, well, himself on defense. He wanted someone who would match his intensity and aggressiveness in play selection. Payton found his match in Williams, who lives for putting pressure on the quarterback.