Redskins rookie: My eyes can no longer 'keep track of moving objects' due to concussion

BY Cameron DaSilva • November 15, 2016

There’s a reason the NFL has made a concerted effort to significantly reduce head injuries and concussions, and Washington Redskins rookie Su’a Cravens is living proof.

Cravens, a standout defensive player for the Redskins this season, said on Snapchat that he now has to wear glasses all the time due to a concussion he suffered in Week 5. Additionally, Cravens said this regarding his prognosis:

“Due to my concussion my eyes have lost the memory to keep track of moving objects, so I have to wear [glasses] for the rest of my life.”

While Cravens did say this, it's not entirely clear how accurate it is. According to a source who spoke to CSN Mid-Atlantic, there is "zero truth" to Cravens having permanent eye damage.

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden announced last week that Cravens is in the concussion protocol, and if his vision is impacted he’ll likely remain in it this week, too.

The 21-year-old linebacker-safety hybrid was on his way to a promising rookie campaign and had aspirations of winning Defensive Rookie of the Year.

This concussion is extremely unfortunate and serious, and it’s important for him to take care of his health before worrying about football.

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