Carroll vague on White, waiting on Hill

Published Jun. 9, 2010 2:27 a.m. ET

The games haven't started yet for new Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.

The questions already have.

Why did he release LenDale White, weeks after he traded for his former star runner at USC?

And will Leroy Hill ever play again for Seattle? The starting linebacker is facing the revocation of his probation in Georgia because of a domestic assault charge in Washington.

``We are getting closer to understanding what the situation is,'' Carroll said, adding he will know about Hill's playing status for 2010 ``pretty soon.''

The 25-year-old White helped Carroll win two national championships at USC. A few offseason workouts after Carroll traded with the Tennessee Titans to reunite with White, the Seahawks abruptly released him May 28.

Asked after Tuesday's organized team activity if he was disappointed the reunion with White didn't work out, Carroll said: ``Sure, yeah. We were giving that some hope to get something going there, and it just didn't come around right.


``It was just time to move ahead. I think he needs to go somewhere else and find a spot. It wasn't going to be here.''

White and his uncle still would like to know exactly what happened.

``He missed some (minicamps and OTAs), but those were voluntary,'' Herman White told The Associated Press on Tuesday from Colorado, where he is now training with the running back in hopes another NFL team calls. ``If those are being held against him, they should have to take that up with the league.''

LenDale White said last month three days before he was released - and his uncle reiterated Tuesday - that one absence was because of a death in the family. Both family members and Carroll said that the other one was when the running back stayed behind in Nashville, Tenn., to tend to his house amid flood conditions there.

White's uncle confirmed the running back is facing a four-game suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policy.

``He knew about that,'' Herman White said.

He and LenDale don't think that's the reason for his release.

``All I know is what he's reported to me, that things were going good, that he was happy,'' said Herman White, who says he began a training regimen with LenDale on Monday.

``Now, that's what he's related to me. He left town, everything was good. And he had to be tracked down and told he was released. He wasn't released when he left Seattle (on May 27).

``Either he's not being honest, or someone's not being honest.''

White had lost more than 45 pounds, down to 219, and Carroll said it was the lightest he'd seen him since he recruited him out of high school.

Rumors around Seattle are that White lacked the work ethic Carroll required, that he blew off or was late for meetings and workouts. Those were some of the issues he had with the Titans - along with his weight and the emergence of Chris Johnson as a 2,000-yard rusher in Tennessee.

Carroll said White's release was a football decision. He did not directly answer if he completed all of his football requirements in his month in Seattle.

``He came out here and competed. And I think it's better for us to go this way,'' Carroll said. ``He came out in pretty good shape, and was able to practice and all that. So he had a chance to show.''

White's uncle has heard the rumors.

``He's supposed to have this sense of entitlement, this baggage,'' Herman White said. ``I don't know. Pete Carroll rolled the dice with him. Pete's coached him before. He knows his baggage.''

Hill has some of his own, too.

A prosecutor in Douglas County, Ga., is weighing a decision whether to recommend to a judge that he revoke the 12 months of probation Hill received April 1, in a plea deal on a marijuana charge stemming from a traffic stop there. Ten days after that deal, the 27-year-old Hill was arrested in suburban Seattle for investigation of domestic violence.

Douglas County solicitor-general Brian Fortner has said he is leaning toward revoking the probation, but he first wants to see if the prosecutor in Issaquah, Wash., pursues that case.

Hill has pleaded not guilty. He has a second court hearing scheduled for this week.

Carroll said Hill missing this offseason, which the Seahawks forced him to do, matters.

``If that didn't matter then why would you practice, you know?'' the coach said. ``Practice is hugely important. There's a new system. There's a whole new approach to how we're doing things. It's certainly hindered his opportunity, without question. The other guys have just rocketed ahead with their chances and are taking advantage of that.

``So he is going to have to battle back - if we get him back out here.''