Austin scores after TD wiped out by replay

BY foxsports • November 26, 2009

Dallas Cowboys receiver Miles Austin rolled over the defender, got to his feet and ran into the end zone. Then things got confusing before Austin actually scored. Officials initially marked the ball at the Oakland 9, and only after conferring ruled that Austin wasn't down and had scored a touchdown. Then came a booth-induced replay since the play was in the final 2 minutes of the first half Thursday. The replay showed that Austin's left ankle and calf brushed the ground, though his knee never touched, as he rolled over cornerback Chris Johnson. That wiped out a 22-yard TD catch and the ball was then placed on the 8. After the Cowboys lost a yard on the ensuing play, Tony Romo threw another pass to Austin, who scooted into the end zone to give the Cowboys a 17-0 halftime lead. Austin already had six catches for 129 yards.

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