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Packers legend Aaron Rodgers appears to want out of Green Bay

April 29

An interesting report surfaced Thursday morning – one that seemed too interesting to be true.

Apparently, the San Francisco 49ers' trade package included Jimmy Garoppolo, a bevy of players and a number of picks. 

But as the day wore on, that midday discovery paled in comparison to the ball that dropped next. 

And suddenly, the beautiful mystery that is Aaron Rodgers' future in Green Bay has become at least a little less mysterious.

As FOX NFL Sunday's Jay Glazer reported, the situation has been bubbling for quite some time.

ESPN's Adam Schefter also reported that Rodgers' list of grievances goes beyond the Packers' disappointing loss in the NFC Championship Game this past season. 

In fact, it dates all the way back to this time last year. 

"Rodgers is unhappy for a variety of reasons, with some of it dating back to last year's draft when the Packers didn't inform him before trading up to draft a quarterback with their first-round pick," Schefter said.

Rodgers arguably put together the best season of his career last year, leading the Pack to a 13-3 record while throwing for 4,299 yards, 48 touchdowns and just five interceptions. He also completed 70.7% of his passes and posted a quarterback rating of 121.5. 

For his efforts, Rodgers won the third NFL MVP award of his career. 

Still, the Packers came up short, falling to the eventual Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC title game, 31-26, and after the season, Rodgers has taken it upon himself to not put all of the onus on football. 

For two weeks, he traded in his pads for a suit, serving as the host of "Jeopardy!"

And on one of his first nights guest-hosting the show, one contestant decided to poke a little fun at the Green Bay legend – who happily played along. 

Rodgers has since admitted that being the permanent host of "Jeopardy!" would be a "dream job," but as of Thursday, it appears Rodgers is in a nightmare scenario in Green Bay, one he hopes to get out of. 

According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, much of Rodgers' discontent comes back to his contract situation.

And Trey Wingo reported that the Packers actually told Rodgers they would trade him this offseason, but they backed down.

Furthermore, Wingo said Rodgers, who grew up in Chico, California, believed he would be headed back to the Bay Area, where he played his college football at Cal.

 Would the Packers actually move off of their franchise superstar? 

The answer appears to be no for some ...

...and "they might not have a choice" for others.

Regardless, Marcellus Wiley said on "Speak for Yourself" that the Packers have handled this extremely poorly.

If the Packers don't bolster their chances of competing for a Super Bowl – beginning with Thursday's draft – and don't figure out an extension to Rodgers' liking, they might find themselves in a corner, considering there is always a chance that the future Hall of Famer could remain disgruntled throughout the course of the 2021-22 season.

Before the news regarding Rodgers' discontent even broke this afternoon, Colin Cowherd was prodding the Packers organization to make throw Rodgers a bone in this year's draft, after drafting Jordan Love – Rodgers' backup – in the first round of last season's draft. 

"Green Bay was close to getting to the Super Bowl," Cowherd said. "... Green Bay has 10 picks. Green Bay is the only excellent team in the NFL tonight with 10 picks. ... Last year, their first-round pick was a guy that wasn't gonna play and ticked off Aaron Rodgers.

"By tomorrow, I'm giving up some of those picks to get a top corner and get a top receiver."

Upon hearing the news, Cowherd revisited the topic. 

"It's not a coincidence that Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers have both, after [Tom] Brady won the Super Bowl, been incredibly frustrated with their organizations. Of course they are! ... Russell's looking around going, 'Brady's got an All-Star team in Tampa!' and Aaron's looking around going, 'Brady's got an All-Star team in Tampa! And we can't get J.J. Watt?' I get it."

Andrew Brandt, who was part of Green Bay's front office when they drafted Rodgers in 2005, offered his unique perspective on the situation.

Brandt was intimately familiar with how the dynamic in Green Bay shifted as Rodgers was drafted with Brett Favre still in-house. In Brandt's opinion, though, the Packers won't be trading Rodgers until potentially next season.

"I don't think he'll be traded today," Brandt said. "I don't think he'll be traded in 2021. And then, the ball's in Aaron's court. I do think he's unhappy. I do think the Packers have not shown the level of compassion and care that they should for such a superstar. ... I don't doubt he's unhappy. I do doubt he'll be traded, whether today or even this year. But next year? Talk to me then."

As for Rodgers' next plans?

Well, while everyone races around trying to figure out what's going on, he'll reportedly be taking in the race for the roses at Churchill Downs.

This is a developing story.

Aaron Rodgers
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