Russell Westbrook says he's not speaking to Kevin Durant despite their chat

BY Andrew Lynch • January 19, 2017

Good news, NBA fans and professional-sports-drama aficionados! We now have incontrovertible video evidence that former Oklahoma City Thunder teammates Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant have exchanged actual words in a face-to-face setting.

Late in the third quarter of the Warriors' 121-100 win in Golden State on Wednesday night, the two superstars came together after an Enes Kanter foul on KD:

The encounter is about what you'd expect: Westbrook is as locked in as ever, while KD is the one with more to say. In fact, without an angle on Westbrook's face, we can't really be sure what he said at all — on the court, anyway.

After the game, the Thunder point guard said point blank that he and Durant aren't on speaking terms, telling reporters that anyone who thought they exchanged words should look closer:

"Are you and KD on speaking terms?"


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