One of richest retired athletes is a guy you probably never heard of

BY Andre Vergara • April 7, 2016

Forbes recently released its list of the highest-earning retired athletes of 2015, and it was no surprise that Michael Jordan topped the list, making $110 million last year.

David Beckham ($65M) and Arnold Palmer ($40M) were second and third, followed by ... Junior Bridgeman?

You might not have heard of Bridgeman, who was drafted by the Lakers with the eighth overall pick out of Louisville in 1975, then traded to Milwaukee in the deal for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. 

Bridgeman went on to have a 12-year NBA career, but has been even more successful in the restaurant biz. He founded Bridgeman Foods and has Wendy's, Chili's and Fazoli's franchises among his 450 restaurants, which made him $32 million last year.

You can read Forbes' full list here.