Klay Thompson ruined Steph Curry's attempt to kick a pregame field goal

BY Andrew Lynch • January 13, 2017

Shooters shoot. It's the one undeniable truth in the NBA (and in life, really).

So if you leave a perfectly good basketball just lying around, Klay Thompson is going to pick it up, square toward the rim and fire a shot — even if said basketball was on the ground because two-time MVP Stephen Curry wanted to kick a field goal prior to the Warriors' game against the Pistons on Thursday night:


Curry's always pretending to play some sport or another during pregame warmups, from throwing TD passes with a basketball to mimicking a pitcher throwing a massively oversized baseball. The field goal kick is a rarer display from Curry, but it's not entirely new. He broke it out before Game 3 of the NBA Finals; the result was more of a soccer-style chip than a full-legged kick.

Anyway, Thompson's faux pas seems like a pretty honest mistake. Thompson drifts into frame to take a shot from the break in the 3-point line, notices that there's a ball not being used and decides to take another shot, all while Curry watches and laughs.

And Curry kept on laughing through the final whistle against Detroit, as Golden State came away with a 127-107 win. Curry and Thompson scored 24 and 23 points, respectively.

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