Horry shares example of Kobe's unreal dedication to basketball

BY foxsports • June 12, 2015

If measuring a player's greatness by the number of championship rings, there are few players greater than Big Shot Rob. Los Angeles Lakers fans know this about Robert Horry. San Antonio Spurs fans know this about Robert Horry. Houston Rockets fans know this about Robert Horry. NBA fans should know this about Robert Horry, winner of seven NBA titles.

Horry's played with some of the greats across multiple parts of their careers. He was there when Kobe Bryant was a rookie, and was privy to Bryant's "unreal" dedication to the game (via The Player's Tribune):

Of course, Big Shot Rob didn't end his career in Los Angeles, so he couldn't help but get in a little jab against the Lakers at the end of the piece:

But ask Horry which team had the best championship celebration and he'll point to Los Angeles — as he should, since he apparently was at a party so magnificent that he ended up on the roof and ... doesn't really remember much after that.

(H/t The Players Tribune)