Fan in second row reaches out and touches Mozgov's backside

BY Brett Pollakoff • January 9, 2016

A fan in the second row reached out and touched the backside of Timofey Mozgov as he prepared to inbound the ball during the fourth quarter of Cleveland's Friday night win over the Timberwolves.

You can see it go down here, and while it was ultimately harmless, it's a bit unsettling nonetheless.

"Yeah, I looked at this dude," Mozgov said, via ESPN. "He smiled. Like, I don't know why he touched me. But, you know, the game was going on, so I got to throw it out and keep running the game, right?

"This is the first time they touched me. You know, they always, like your hands, high-five, hug, taking pictures. But not like that."

LeBron James called the incident "pretty wild," while Kevin Love pointed to this clip of a fan groping Ramon Sessions to let us know that no matter the situation, things can always be a whole lot worse. 

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